Perfect Lines Limited | Indoor and Underground Parking Painting
Perfect Lines takes pride in painting lines on roads, parking lots and garages with special care taken to ensure consistent perfect lines of course.
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Indoor and Underground Parking Painting

Painted Indoor Parking Lot Lines

Keep your indoor and underground parking areas up to safety standards by ensuring there are clean, easy to see parking lines and directional markings. Our special paint process allows us to paint without toxic paint fumes, allowing you and your customers, clients and tenants to gain use of the garage again quickly.

Parking Garage Line Painting
Indoor Parking Lot Painting

Indoor Stenciled Parking Lot Markings

Indoor parking areas need to designate specific areas for parking and directional signs and signals. We can provide numerous possibilities to ensure your underground garage is organized in a safe, organized manner.

FAQs on Indoor and Underground Parking Lot Painting

Is line striping expensive?

Not at all. Dollar for dollar, line striping is the best way to improve the appearance and exterior appeal of your establishment. A clearly marked parking lot is safer and more efficient, that translates into more visitors/ customers and increased revenue for you!

Are all striping paints equal quality?

No! Line marking paints are not all created equally so it’s important to know paint selected is approved by the local authorities and DOT. We use either Franklin Paint or Ennis-Flint striping paints.

Will I have to shut down my business for line striping?

No, Perfect Lines Limited works after hours to keep you operating or we can stripe your parking lot in sections. The paint can be driven on in less than 30 minutes after application. We understand your business needs to keep operating and we’ll make sure it does.

What if I want to change my parking lot layout?

No problem. We can make a few changes or design a completely new layout for your parking lot. We specialize in ADA compliance so you can rest assured your parking lot meets applicable regulations.

What questions do I need to ask my contractor?

Owners are responsible for workplace safety and their customer safety so it is important to confirm the contractor is current with WSIB [Workplace Safety Insurance Board] and carries a 5 Million Dollar Commercial Liability policy.

Painted Road Lines